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Guangzhou Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Report

    The stained solar heater water tank produced by Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Technology. Ltd. Co. is under technical appraisal by Danzhou Administration Bureau, samples of inner and outer steel plates are sent over. The inspection report of Guangzhou Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute shows that the sixth and seventh item do not conform to the JISG 4304-2005 standard. I keep some doubts on whether this inspection report has any flaws, because Tsinghua University is a prestigious university of China and I believe that its school-owned company will not produce fake products and do harm to the customers, unless it ignores the well-being of customers only for huge profits! 
     According to internet information, Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Technology Ltd. Co. was founded on April 18th, 1988, it was originally named as Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Fluid Engineering Technology Company and was officially renamed as Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Techonology Ltd. Co., and it still was one of the school-owned companies of Tsinghua University before it was renamed. 


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