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SUS304-2B steel plate produced by Tsinghua Huafeng is

  •  SUS304-2B stainless steel plate is a type of pure stainless steel, its raw material contains 100% stainless steel, which means under normal conditions, real SUS304-2B steel plates will not be corrupted or stain, not to mention producing magnetic force with magnets. The water tank of Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng was so seriously stained, what exactly is it made of? I personally believe that a school-owned company of Tsinghua University will not make water tanks using iron material, unless the company is willing to be vile only for huge profits!
    According to internet information, Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Technology Ltd. Co. was founded on April 18th, 1988, it was originally named as Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Fluid Engineering Technology Company and was officially renamed as Beijing Tsinghua-Huafeng Techonology Ltd. Co., and it still was one of the school-owned companies of Tsinghua University before it was renamed. 


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